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Finding Your Bliss Coaching

Finally live a fulfilling life of purpose and passion in alignment with the real you.

After years of hearing that little voice inside my head asking "What is my mission here on Earth?, "What is my life's purpose?", knowing that I had not found it yet, that something was still missing, I got jolted into deeper action as I turned 40 in 2020 and found the courage to fully pursue my dreams.

That year, I published my first mystery novel after years of secretly writing, I became a certified wellness practitioner after years of longing and realized that part of my mission was to assist others in this same journey of finding themselves. Therefore, I kept following my inner guidance and pursued coaching certification training at the Transformation Academy.

I also enjoy bringing in my knowledge of meditation and mindfulness in the process.

Feel out the form below indicating which program you're interested in to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to see if we could work together. I look forward to meeting you and walking part of your life's journey with you as you make the most valuable investment: in yourself!

Ramata Eller, M.A., Certified Life Coach


Spiritual Life Coaching

8 or 12 weeks one-on-one coaching programs with weekly 1h meetings.

Do you feel stuck, confused, frustrated? Have you tried many things that don't seem to work out and you don't know in which direction to go? The best way to get unstuck and to become motivated and energized is to connect to your Inner Guidance to embody your True Self, find your purpose and live life to the fullest with joy, faith and fulfillment.

$500 for the 8 weeks program. Can be paid in 2 installments.

$750 for the 12 weeks program. Can be paid in 3 installments.


Finding your life's purpose

8 weeks one-on-one coaching program with weekly 1h meetings.

We'll spend 8 weeks going through the stepping stones of purpose on your path to self-discovery: childhood influences, passions and interests, talents and skills, personality, life changing experiences, coincidences, eliminating limitations, your purpose, manifesto and life story. Whether you are looking for a change of career, a fulfilling hobby or newfound meaning in retirement, this program will put you in touch with the real you.

$500 for the 8 weeks program. Can be paid in 2 installments.


Achieving your goals

10 weeks one-on-one coaching program with 1h weekly meetings.

You feel like a change is needed in your life but you don't know where to start. You have a goal in mind but you don't know how to get there. This program is for you. Through goal setting, growth mindset, empowerment, faith and action, we'll identify the changes needed in your life as we remove the blockages and self-limiting beliefs in your way and keep you motivated, supported and accountable to make it happen!

$700 for the 10 weeks program. Can be paid in 3 installments.

Astronomical Clock

Individual coaching sessions

1h one-on-one coaching session.

You've identified your goals and have a plan but need accountability, support and follow-up to stay on your path. You can book individual sessions at your own frequency: bi-weekly, monthly or other depending on your plan's time frame.

$80 per session.

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